Wednesday 27 April: An ecological adventure in Ecuador



Our next event is a talk by Transition member Antony Melville, who also belongs to the charity Rainforest Saver. Antony recently spent some time in Ecuador helping farmers there practise a forest-friendly form of farming called Inga valley cropping. It makes use of a remarkable tree, Inga edulis, which restores soil fertility and provides a long-lasting organic growing medium, so that crops can be cultivated among the trees. The Amazon area of Ecuador has been widely affected by oil drilling, and the resulting deforestation has made the indigenous slash-and-burn farming difficult. The Inga provides a sustainable solution.

Admission is free. Antony’s talk and slides will be accompanied by refreshments, with proceeds going to Rainforest Saver.

The location is Olden Garden, in Whistler Street, enter via the door in the wall opposite No 22. Near Drayton Park Station, or walk along Drayton Park from Holloway Road.

Doors open at 7pm.