Our next screening is Tomorrow: the environmental documentary that gives you hope! Monday 6 March, Hen and Chickens, Highbury Corner


We are delighted to announce that our next film screening is ‘Tomorrow’. This is the first community screening in London, since Transition Network secured the rights to distribute in the UK and a big launch in

About the film

Already viewed by over 1.5 million people in France alone, and winner of Best Documentary at the Cesar Awards (the French Oscars), ‘Tomorrow’ has been hugely impactful. Produced by activist and writer Cyril Dion and actress/director Mélanie Laurent, it tells the story of their search for solutions to the crisis humanity faces. The film premiered in Paris during the 2015 climate talks.

‘Tomorrow’ is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education. It visits permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable projects, local currencies, creative schools, ambitious recycling projects. It has been a huge boost to community-led projects, and is currently on release in 29 other countries, regularly receiving standing ovations, and leading to the formation of many new community projects. It is the perfect antidote to the current sense of global despondency. Come and get inspired!

You can watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/NUN0QxRB7e0

We expect this to be hugely popular, so we’re asking people to buy tickets in advance (£6 full price, £4 concessions). Link here.

Doors open at 7pm and we’ll start the film at 7.15pm. Screenings of the film have often led to people making plans for projects in their own communities, so there’ll be an opportunity to stay behind afterwards to talk about what we can do in our neighbourhoods. We also hope to invite a couple of speakers to inspire us by talking about the impact the film has had on them. Check the Facebook event for updates.