Into the Gyre, Monday 18 May

Award-winning documentary, Into the Gyre, follows a pioneering expedition as it sails into the North Atlantic Ocean to study plastic pollution. Where is this plastic, how big is the problem and what effect is it having?

Sailing on a 135-foot tall ship, thirty-four researchers, scientists and sailors volunteer on the five-week adventure to the remote Sargasso Sea, east of Bermuda. They find the Gyre — a giant whirlpool of accumulated plastic debris in the middle of the ocean.

As the team collect, count, and archive the plastic they encounter, the film explores the history of plastics, their effects in the ocean and on marine life, and considers possible solutions.

The film’s direIntotheGyreImageforsitector, Scott Elliott, will join us via video link for the post film discussion.

Venue: Nanna’s on 274b St Paul’s Road (view map), doors open 6pm, film starts at 7pm, admission free (but donations to support film-makers welcome!)

This is the third film in our Green on the Screen series.