Sand Wars | 13 Apr 2015


Sand is in everything, from toothpaste to optical fibres and computer chips, glass, roads, buildings, airports… It’s woven into our daily lives and communications far beyond imagination. But, it’s running out.

Denis Delestrac’s illuminating film reveals the global proportions of the sand trade and shows why sand is far from being a mundane commodity, it’s an incredibly precious resource: ‘more than gold’ comments one businessman.

From North America to South East Asia, Pacific Islands to Europe, our lives and societies, we discover, are based on these tiny grains.

Featuring renowned scientists and economists, European fishermen, Pacific Islanders, and businessmen (& many more), Delestrac sows together a compelling investigation: when we know where to look the impacts become visible and shocking.

But this isn’t the end of the story. What people are doing to mitigate this impact?

To find out, join us 13 April at Nanna’s Cafe and Pantry. FREE entry, doors open 6.30pm, film at 7pm | Nanna’s, 274b St Paul’s Road N1 2LJ (view map).

* Bar and snacks from the best of London’s larder.
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Find out more about the film on the Sand Wars website

Sand Wars