23 March: TTIP Talk with Linda Kaucher and AGM

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Our AGM will take place on Wednesday 23 March at Nanna’s, 274 St Paul’s Rd, at 6.30pm, followed at 7.45 by a presentation on TTIP — the trade deal we all need to know more about. Anyone interested in learning more about Transition Highbury and what we do is welcome to come to the AGM, but feel free to join us afterwards for the talk if that’s what you prefer. We are hoping for a big turnout!

Here are links to the AGM agenda, draft accounts and draft minutes of last year’s AGM.

TTIP: Trade Deal or Corporate Power Grab?

TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) has been the subject of highly secretive negotiations between the EU and the USA for some years now. ‘Confidentiality’ means that not even our MEPs, let alone our MPs, are fully aware of the issues involved. The fact that a European Commission study by the Centre for Economic Policy Research (2013) estimated the loss of up to a million jobs Europe-wide as a direct result of the labour displacement involved, is hardly reassuring.

Critics of TTIP, building on scarce clues, obstinately researched information, and precedents (including TPP and CETA, similar trade deals that are further advanced) find three major causes for concern:

  • The commitment to deregulation, with the corresponding threat to food standards, workers’ rights, environmental protections, etc;
  • The drive for privatisation of public services and government contracts not yet opened up to the international market, with a mechanism ensuring the irreversibility of such privatisations;
  • The corporate courts enforcing the whole system, which under the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) will allow multinationals to sue governments for loss of projected profits, bypassing national courts, a process already taking place around the world.

The speaker is Linda Kaucher, one of the UK’s leading campaigners on TTIP. She will update us on the current state of play – CETA, the EU-Canada version, is perhaps the most pressing danger as it may be undemocratically implemented in May, tying us all in to its provisions, including ISDS, for 3 years – and answer questions.

A selection of Linda’s recent articles can be found here.